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Each House Church is part of the larger gathered church community, overseen by a collaborate team of leaders. Our community is called to serve Jesus and each other, in committed covenant relationships. First and foremost we are obedient servants of the Lord Jesus and because of our relationship with and love for Him we are compelled to reach out to those He places before us. Together we serve those outside of the Church in both Morecambe, and further afield through our various outreach ministries. We do this with the heart and attitude of Jesus who Himself came to serve and not to be served. 


On Sundays we meet as House Churches and our meetings incorporate the following elements:

  • Bible reading, teaching and discussion.

  • Sharing of individual experiences, thoughts and feelings.

  • Singing.

  • Praying with and for each other.

  • Sharing a meal together. We also share communion during our meals.

All we do within our House Churches is done as an act of worship to our God.

Those who are part of our House Churches are encouraged to share their lives together and to grow in their love for Jesus and in their maturity as disciples. House Church is an ideal environment for people to belong and to feel safe, making it easier for them to be open and honest about their life and their walk with the Lord. 


Our House Churches also meet together as the Gathered Church, on a regular basis (every 4 weeks).  

Every one is welcome to join us.

 Dates times and venues can be found on our What's On page.


As our Church grows we split and plant in to more homes.

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